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At a boarding school in Pennsylvania, a deathbed request from the school’s dean brings three former students back to campus, where secrets and betrayals from the past are brought out into the open—secrets that could have a catastrophic effect on the dean’s eighteen-year-old son.

Told in alternating points of view and time frames, Attachments is the story of best friends Stewart (“Goody”) Goodman, Sandy (“Pick”) Piccolo, and Laura Appleby, the girl they both love. The friends meet in 1972 at a boarding school in coal-country Pennsylvania where they encounter Henry Griffin, the school dean, whose genuine fatherly interest and deep human bond with them is so strong that when he has a severe stroke almost twenty years later, he uses what could be his last words ever to call out their names.

Attachments is a puzzle—and the only one who knows how all the pieces fit is in a coma. In the process, longtime secrets are unearthed, revelations come out into the open, and Young Chip Griffin is about to learn something he may or may not be able to handle.

Praise for Attachments

Prior to reading this wonderful book, I had only known Jeff Arch’s body of work as a screenwriter, most famously for his Oscar-nominated ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ Now, with Attachments, Jeff brings his deep humanity, his unique and unmistakable voice, and his cinematic economy of style to this powerful story of love and betrayal and the possibility of forgiveness. With meticulous plotting and masterful language, he brings life and light to characters as real as they are unforgettable.

David P. Kirkpatrick, former Production Chief, Walt Disney Studios, and President of Paramount Pictures

A deeply felt, intensely human story about love, loss, friendship, grief and renewal, with people you’ll feel you’ve known all your life.

Gigi Levangie, NYT bestselling author, The Starter Wife, Been There, Married That

Jeff Arch’s literary skills aren’t limited to screenwriting, as his first novel vividly demonstrates. The story of a romantic triangle at a Pennsylvania boarding school in the 1970s and the reverberations of those youthful relationships in its characters’ adult lives, it’s a fast-paced tale rich with sympathetic characters, cinematic scenes, and pitch perfect dialogue. Attachments is a revealing, heartfelt novel that should unite readers of literary and popular fiction in their admiration of its author’s considerable talents.

Harvey Freedenberg, Independent Reviewer

Any book that makes you laugh and cry and think – even question your own life – is a book worth reading, sharing, talking about – and yes, wishing you had written it yourself because it’s just that good. Jeff Arch’s glorious, gorgeous novel creates characters and moments that make us believe in love even if we’ve given up on it. I wish I had written it.

Amy Ferris, author of Marrying George Clooney, Confessions from a Midlife Crisis

I love it when I know from the first page I’m in the hands of a master storyteller. From the opening moment, Jeff Arch’s well-plotted novel crackles with sharp dialogue, fully-drawn characters, and a rich sense of time and place. I devoured Attachments.

Richard C. Morais, NYT bestselling author, The Hundred Foot Journey, Buddhaland Brooklyn

Simply put, Jeff Arch is an excellent writer with a wry eye and attentive ear to the rub, hurt, and humor in human interaction. And ATTACHMENTS is a reminder, in the best sense of that word, to all of his talents.

Noah benShea, International bestselling author of 29 books including the famed Jacob the Baker series.